Rebecca Menzies Racing

Horses In Training

ALL HAIL CAESAR (6 b g Nathaniel - Ragiam)  The Top Silk Syndicate

ALPH (6 b g Gold Well - She’s A Banker)  Mile High Racing

AREYOUWITHUS (5 b h Watar - Miss Sinnott)  John Wade

ASK AROUND (4 b c Sageburg - Ask My Granny)  John Wade 

BACKPACKER (5 ch g Tobougg - Oscars Vision)  John Wade

BAD RABBIT (3 b g Iffraaj - Bint Nayef)  Mike And Eileen Newbould

BALLYCRYSTAL COURT (8 b g Court Cave - Monavale)  Pmpro31 Ltd

BARNEY BULLET (5 b g Havana Gold - Lalinde)  Marwood Racing Limited

BREIZH ALKO (9 ch g Balko - Quisiera)  David Parry

CAPTAIN MOWBRAY (9 ch g Shami - Some Like It Hot)  Rebecca Menzies Racing

CELTIC ARTISAN (9 ch g Dylan Thomas - Perfectly Clear) Rebecca Menzies Racing

COOL POSSIBILITY (4 b g Dark Angel - Pink Diva)  Jolly Boys Outing

DRAGON MALL (7 b g Blame - Petition The Lady)  Mr & Mrs Ian Hall

DUTCH PURSUIT (4 b g Canford Cliffs - Dansili Dutch)  Riverside Racing 

DUTCH SPIRIT (3 b f Most Improved - Dansili Dutch)  Geoff & Sandra Turnbull

ELUSIVE POPPY (5 b m Black Sam Bellamy - Pelican Point)  Bumperstojumpers 2

FABIANSKI (5 ch m Raven's Pass - Fabia)  Stoneleigh Racing

FAIR SHERIFF (6 gr m Fair Mix - Sheriff's Falcon)  Falcon's Line Ltd

FALCONE DE BERSY (5 b g Maresca Sorrento - Tropulka God)  John Wade 

FERNHILL DANE (4 b g Dylan Thomas - Tupia)  John Wade

FIANNOGLAIGH (3 b f Kodiac - Garra Molly)  Mr & Mrs Ian Hall

GARDE FORESTIER (8 b g Forestier - Nette Rouse)  John Wade

HALCYON DAYS (11 b g Generous - Indian Empress)  Centaur Racing Club

IM TOO GENEROUS (10 ch g Generous - Something Major)  John Dance & Partner

ISLAND VILLA (11 b g Turtle Island - Violet Ville)  The Extra Time Partnership

JUST CALL ME ELLA (3 ch f Iffraaj - Daughter Dawn)  Hugh Hurst

LANDING NIGHT (8 b g Kodiac - Night Delight)  Titanium Racing Club

LITTLE MEG (8 b m Josr Algharoud - Why The Big Paws)  

LORD BRENDY (12 gr g Portrait Gallery - Hervey Bay)  Mrs R A Robson 

MAID IN MANHATTAN (6 b m Fame And Glory - Silly Goose)  Rebecca Menzies Racing

MAJOR SNUGFIT (4 ch g Ruler Of The World - Bridle Belle)  A Greenwood & S Windle

MY GALWAY GIRL (6 b m Presenting - Our Lucky Venture)  The Galways Syndicate

NADINE (5 b m Nathaniel - Opening Ceremony)  Hugh Hurst

NITRIC BOLT (3 b g Nathaniel - Sandy Shaw)  Miss R E A Menzies

NORTONTHORPELEGEND (10 b g Midnight Legend - Tanit)  Maria D Myco

PAIN AU CHOCOLAT (9 b g Enrique - Clair Chene)  Mike And Eileen Newbould

PHANTOM ISLE (7 b g Teofilo - Antillia)  John Wade

RED TREBLE (3 b f Iffraaj - Threetimesalady)  Flying High 

ROAD WARRIOR (6 gr g Fair Mix - Mimi Equal)  Neil Taylor

SCHALKE (5 b g Malinas - Prospero’s Belle)  Sapphire Print Solutions Ltd

SCORCHED BREATH (4 b g Bated Breath - Danvers)  Joe Soiza

SCOTS GAELIC (13 ch g Tomba - Harmonic)  Miss R E A Menzies

SCOTTISH ACCENT (7 b g Golan - Onthelongfinger)  Blacklock Simpson

SET IN STONE (6 b m Famous Name - Storminateacup)  Weight, Howe & Oliver 

SHE'S A DANCER (5 b m Jeremy - Sugar Bullet)  John Wade

SHINEDOWN (5 b m Sholokhov - Good Shine)  Centaur Racing Club

SKA RIDGE (8 b g Distant Peak - Tandawizi)  John Wade

SOVIET CASTLE (7 b g Soviet Star - Castle Hope)  Maria D Myco

STORMBAY BOMBER (11 b g September Storm - Top Tottie)  P R Walker & R Walker

STORMY GIRL (3 ch f Night Of Thunder - Refusetolisten)  Stonegrave Thoroughbreds

SULAFAAT (5 ch m Haatef - Elraabeya)  A Lister

TABOU BEACH BOY (4 b g Mukhadram - Illandrane)  John Wade

TEELAR (6 b m Milan - Hervey Bay)  Mrs R A Robson

THAT’S MY DUBAI (7 b m Dubai Destination - Musical Accord)  Stoneleigh Racing

THE MEKON (5 ch g Red Jazz – Date Mate)  Marwood Racing & Trevor Alderson  

TOI STOREY (7 b g Winged Love - Where's Herself)  Liz Dixon & Shelagh Fagen 1

TOUGH REMEDY (5 b g Tough As Nails - Remediate)  Titanium Racing Club

TRUMPETS CALL (3 ch g Anjaal - Yellow Trumpet)  Mike And Eileen Newbould

TWISTED DREAMS (3 b/br g Twirling Candy - Sweet Promises)  Titanium Racing Club

UKNOWMYMEANING (6 ch g Touch Of Land - Lucy Lodge)  The Extra Time Partnership

UNNAMED (2 bl c Outstrip - Alluring Star)  For Sale

UNNAMED (6 br m Le Fou - Brienna)  Centaur Racing Club

UNNAMED (3 b f Califet – Desert Moon)  Liz Hall & John Veitch

UNNAMED (5 b g Milan - Dotchenka)  Mike And Eileen Newbould

UNNAMED (2 b f Camacho - Dubai Sea)  For Sale

UNNAMED (2 ch c Sepoy – How Fortunate)  Eric Brook

UNNAMED (3 b f Yeats – Innishmore)  Liz Hall

WAITING FOR RICHIE (7 b g Rail Link - Heart Of Hearts)  Love To Race (Briden, Weller, Taylor, O’Brien)

XPO UNIVERSEL (11 b g Poliglote - Xanadu Bliss)  Club Racing Xpo Partnership



For full information on horses for sale both in full ownership, part ownership or be part of a racing club, please go to our Ownership Page where you can find all the details of how to become an owner.

The page also has a list of our current racing partnerships who are involved with Howe Hills.

We would be delighted to help you find your ideal horse for the Flat or National Hunt.