Rebecca Menzies Racing

Howe Hills Facilities


The Stables

Howe Hills consists of 48 BHA Licenced boxes along with an isolation yard and several paddocks containing field shelters. It is situated 5 minutes from the A1 motorway and easily accessible by road. The stables are very secure with double electric gates and a high specification CCTV system which covers the entire farm. All gallops, paddocks and facilities are on site. 


All Weather Gallop

1m2f sand and carpet fibre straight gallop - used for daily canters and fast work. Harrowed twice a day by Jamie, it is a brilliant, consistent surface providing a safe work surface for the horses. 


Round Sand Gallop

New for March 2018 we have installed a 1.5 furlong circular gallop which is ideal for start of season conditioning and keeping horses ticking over when in full training. 


Turnout Paddocks

Another of the many benefits at Howe Hills is being able to turnout all year round. The horses thoroughly enjoy their time in the field and we pair them up accordingly. 


Schooling Fences and Hurdles

We have a selection of Easy fix hurdles and fences positioned on grass along with racecourse fences and an open ditch. We use a French style hurdle in the indoor school along with nursery facilities such as barrels, tyres and poles. 


Horse Walkers

We have two Monarch horse walkers (8 stall and 5 stall) which are both undercover so can be used in all weathers. Vital for warming up and cooling down. 


Equine Spa & Theraplate

We have an ECB Equine Spa which is great for cooling legs, used either routinely or when recovering from injury. The Theraplate was a new investment in 2017 and is situated next to the spa in specially designed stocks. The vibrations promote bone density and blood flow and the plate has a wide variety of health benefits (for horses and humans!)


Horse Box

New for 2017 we purchased a top of the range two stall horse box designed by GEM Horseboxes. We also have access to John Wade's two stalls and use C & C transport when needed.

Yard Sponsor



The Irwin family have been involved in milling of food since 1847. In those days oats were processed for consumption following the Irish potato famine.


After World War 2 they started to mill local grain as part of the successful changes that transformed local subsistence farmers into producers of food for Europe and further afield.


In the 1990’s they realised that there was a need for scientifically formulated and produced horse feed to enable horse owners to achieve maximum potential from their stock.

They approached Kentucky Equine Research in USA, were accepted as “team member for Ireland” and together developed the range of feed that became Bluegrass Horse Feed. From small beginnings they are now recognised as leading players in the Irish horse industry.